Compliance is much more than the adherence to rules and standards. It involves creating a culture of integrity and corporate ethics that guides the behavior and decision-making of all employees, managers, and directors within our organization, giving Tinguiririca Energía a distinctive approach to facing its guidelines and strategic objectives in front of all stakeholders. The Compliance department seeks to be a driving force for implementing best practices in all areas advised by efficient risk management.
The Compliance Officer is the person specially appointed by the Tinguiririca Energía Board of Directors to be in charge of and responsible for the Compliance Policy and its associated policies and procedures. This officer is the one who knows, directs, and investigates the reports received through the Whistleblower Channel. They are also the Crime Prevention Officer for the purposes required by Law No. 20.393. According to our Code of Conduct, the Compliance Officer is also the one who promotes, facilitates, and drives the honest behavior of those who are part of and relate to Tinguiririca Energía.

Transparency Channel

To file a complaint, you can follow the process at the following link:

Compliance Policy

Tinguiririca Energía has a set of processes, policies, procedures, and organizational management practices aimed at implementing best practices that allow compliance with the ethical and integrity principles promoted by Tinguiririca Energía. These measures also help reduce the risk of committing acts that could constitute non-compliance. For this purpose, the Company has developed the current Compliance Policy, which contains the most important elements to be communicated to workers, as well as other documents that regulate the integrity and corporate ethics culture of the Company.
The Compliance Policy establishes the principles of Compliance, risk management mechanisms, and applicable sanctions in case of violation of Compliance standards.

Code of Conduct

Tinguiririca Energía promotes a corporate ethical culture, fights against corruption, and preserves the environment. This culture has led to the adoption of ethical principles that often go beyond applicable laws and regulations. Therefore, the company has a Code of Conduct, which applies to all employees of Tinguiririca Energía, Board members, consultants representing it, and personnel under temporary service regimes. This is a tool that should serve as a guide for the actions of all workers since the corporate values of Tinguiririca Energía are expressed through the behavior of each of them.

Crime Prevention Model

Tinguiririca Energía has a Crime Prevention Model in accordance with Law No. 20.393, which designs a form of corporate organization that seeks to prevent the commission of the crimes indicated in said law, which regulates the criminal liability of legal entities. The adoption of this model reflects our organizational commitment to preventing the commission of crimes, whether or not they benefit the company. To achieve these objectives and comply with self-regulation duties, an organization and process regulation has been established to neutralize, as far as possible, the risk of committing the crimes referred to in Law No. 20.393, contributing to their prevention and timely detection. The specific objective of the model is not only to deter the commission of crimes but, especially, to fulfill the management and supervision duties imposed by Law No. 20.393. Thus, for the design, implementation, and effective control of this crime prevention model, an identification, quantification, and control of the risks inherent in our business and mode of operation have been carried out.

Conflict of Interest Management Policy

Conflict of Interest is understood as a situation in which the judgment of a company worker, in the performance of their work duties, may be affected or unduly influenced by another interest of a personal, family, or economic nature. All directors, workers, Tinguiririca Participate applicants, contractors, and/or service providers must sign the Conflict of Interest Declaration form, by their Legal Representative or natural person, as applicable. Any omission to inform and declare a Conflict of Interest in accordance with these guidelines, as well as doing so incompletely, partially, imprecisely, ambiguously, tendentiously, or in any way that undermines the company’s legitimate interest protection, as well as the lack of adequate consideration by any worker in management, will be considered a serious offense and subject to corresponding disciplinary sanctions.