Tinguiririca Participate Fund

Competitive Fund Tinguiririca Participate

Tinguiririca Energía has committed to improving the living conditions of the communities surrounding its projects as part of its sustainable development policy, based on continuous cooperation and dialogue with the community.

This commitment was strengthened in 2007 with the launch of the “TINGUIRIRICA PARTICIPATE COMPETITIVE FUND” (TPCF), which the company makes available to the community to develop social projects that enhance the living conditions of residents in the areas of Health, Education, Community Development, and Environmental Care.

Between 2007 and 2023, the Tinguiririca Participate Fund has financed a total of 366 projects benefiting over 6 thousand residents in the area.

This fund aims to encourage the participation of the organized community through the submission of projects related to Health, Education, Community development, and the Environment.

It also aims to promote collaborative work among different organizations in the San Fernando Cordilleran Basin, where there is a vision of territorial development for the proposed projects. This will, among other things, strengthen the bond between organizations and localities, encourage community involvement, and prioritize relevant needs for a locality over individual needs of each organization.

We will address territorial integration through 4 lines of action: Dialogues and meetings with the community, Tinguiririca Participate Competitive Fund Management, collaborative projects, and strategic alliances.


+ than 360 projects executed from the Tinguiririca Participate Competitive Fund until 2022.


+ than 646 million contributed by the Tinguiririca Participate Competitive Fund.

This fund only finances 70% of the costs of approved projects; the remaining 30% is contributed by the organized communities.

Eco Schools Program: Environmental Education for a Sustainable Future in Colchagua

Under the collaboration agreement between the Colchagua Local Education Service (SLEP) and Tinguiririca Energía, the international environmental education program Eco Schools was implemented in the region. This initiative is driven by Fundación Educarse, the exclusive representative in Chile of the program belonging to the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), and supported during the 2022 and 2023 period by Tinguiririca Energía.

With the aim of raising the socio-environmental awareness of children and young people regarding water and energy in the context of climate change, using Eco-Schools methodologies and Project-Based Learning, these installed methodologies in the teaching staff will facilitate the students’ role in local actions for water and energy conservation.

The schools participating in this international program since 2022 are: G-414 Barrio Estación de Chimbarongo School, Adriana Lyon Vidal School in Nancagua, El Amanecer de lo Moscoso School in Placilla commune, and Eduardo Charme High School in San Fernando commune, covering students from Pre-Basic to Fourth Year of High School.


Ten schools from the communes of San Fernando, Nancagua, and Placilla received their composter and playful training for proper use, as part of the environmental project “Transforming a Problem into a Solution” carried out by Pro O’Higgins, Tinguiririca Energía, and the Local Public Education Service – Slep Colchagua. The environmental project focused on about 2,000 direct and indirect beneficiaries, including 5th-grade students, educational communities, and their families.