Generating Social and Environmental Value

Tinguiririca Energía Sustainable Generation

Since our inception, Tinguiririca Energía has set short, medium, and long-term sustainability goals with the aim of driving continuous improvement in performance across all our activities. In 2023, we updated our sustainability strategy to reflect changing global expectations and position Tinguiririca Energía as a leading company in renewable energy generation for the future.

Our sustainability strategy is built on four pillars: Sustainable Generation, Environmental Management, Human Development, and Territorial Integration. Through these four pillars, we develop action plans through programs that allow us to achieve the sustainability objectives of the company. The strategy is integrated into the company’s decision-making process, incorporating it into management standards, compensation, and Tinguiririca’s annual corporate plans and objectives, as well as those of its collaborators. Throughout the annual period, we monitor the fulfillment of our objectives and goals, where senior management teams review performance and approve future actions in line with our sustainability strategy.