La Higuera Hydroelectric Plant

The La Higuera Hydroelectric Plant began its commercial operation on May 2, 2011. Through three intakes – Tricahue, La Puya, and Los Helados – the La Higuera plant captures water from the Azufre, Tinguiririca, and Los Helados rivers, taking advantage of the flow captured by the La Confluencia hydroelectric plant. These waters are conveyed to a reservoir named Tricahue, with a capacity of 150,000 m³, and from there through a pressure tunnel to the powerhouse located 18 kilometers downstream, with a drop of 350 meters. The installed capacity is 170.9 MW, and the generated energy is transported from the La Higuera substation through a high-voltage line to the Puente Negro substation, located in the Chimbarongo commune – owned by Celeo Redes – from where it is injected into the National Electric Coordinator (CEN).

Generation GWh/year

MW Installed Capacity

Contractor Queiroz Galvão (Brazil)