Human Development

We are committed to fostering and promoting a culture of high-performance, responsibility, positivity, diversity, and inclusivity in the workplace.

Our management is oriented towards the development and implementation of policies and procedures aligned with our strategic objectives, ensuring a high level of efficiency in all processes related to people, with an emphasis on equality and equity in each of our decisions.

We reject discrimination based on gender, age, religion, ethnicity, political preference, or any condition, promoting diversity.

Human Capital and Talent Development

Our goal is to encourage the enhancement of the skills of our employees and contractors to achieve effective and safe performance, based on equal opportunities, professional development, and a balance between work and family life.

To achieve this, training plans are defined for different areas, which are adapted according to the needs of the collaborators and the company.

Work Environment and Quality of Life

In the continuous improvement of the work environment and the quality of life of workers, we use annual mechanisms to evaluate the work environment, the results of which are disseminated both at the overall organizational level and by department and management. Additionally, the company develops practices to promote the adaptability of workers’ working hours, formalized in a procedure detailing the conditions for accessing flexible hours and telecommuting modalities.

Recruitment and Selection

We establish benefits and compensation to attract the best people and retain and incentivize those with outstanding performance. We seek to provide conditions that enable their best performance, satisfaction, commitment, development, and personal projection.

Through the recently updated Selection Policy (2022-2023), Tinguiririca Energía aims to increase female participation in the company, with one of the objectives being to surpass 23% female participation in the electric industry.

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Health and Safety

The health and safety of workers, suppliers, and local communities are a priority for Tinguiririca Energía throughout its management model. For this reason, the goal of this management is to prevent accidents in all aspects of the company. To achieve this objective, the company adheres to ISO 45.001 certification through a Physical Security Plan for the Installation and the community. The indicator used is Lost Time Incident (LIT), with the goal of achieving less than or equal to 1.

Territorial Integration

Local development and the territorial integration of Tinguiririca Energía in the operating area of its plants have been a priority since the project’s inception. With this spirit, there has been a Community Relations Strategy since 2015, aiming to contribute to the business through the promotion and maintenance of a constant and permanent relationship and communication with communities near the plants, social organizations, irrigation associations, and local authorities.

Dialogues and Meetings with the Community

We create various instances of dialogue and meetings with the community to inform organizations and key stakeholders about the company’s sustainability. In this way, we hope to understand the expectations and requirements they have regarding Tinguiririca Energía and our actions. Our goal is to maintain open and continuous communication channels with the community, representatives of social and territorial organizations, and authorities in a relationship of open doors and continuous dialogue.

Participation in the Tinguiririca River Oversight Board

Tinguiririca Energía is part of the Tinguiririca River Oversight Board with two non-consultative directors on the organization’s board. Its main function is the coordination and transfer of technical information held by the upstream plants, allowing for the optimization of water resources and anticipating climatic events that could be detrimental to irrigators.

This participation also allows for ongoing and constant communication with irrigators and their needs, developing mutually supportive activities in the current situation of existing water scarcity.

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Socioenvironmental and Community Projects

To maintain and expand Tinguiririca Energía’s relationship with the territory, communication channels and continuous dialogue between the company and the communities have been developed. Strengthening this bond has allowed us to build consensus in increasingly broad, diverse, and inclusive communication spaces. The current challenge is to represent the territory’s vision to local authorities, social, institutional, and private actors regarding sustainability, the environment, and community development through the development of socioenvironmental projects in educational institutions and co-creation projects for community development.

The implementation and visibility of these actions aim to generate empathy with the communities and achieve the ability to have real and assertive listening among all the stakeholders present in the territory.

Tinguiririca Participates Fund

Since 2007, the main collaborative mechanism with social organizations and neighboring communities has been through the Tinguiririca Participates Contestable Fund (FCTP), which has financed 366 social projects by 2023, benefiting more than 6 thousand people in the fields of health, education, environment, and community development in rural areas of San Fernando and Chimbarongo.