Environmental Management

Our raison d’être is to generate safe and sustainable energy while causing the least possible impact on the environment. That’s why we incorporate sustainability principles from the conception of each of our projects, emphasizing the acquisition of necessary environmental licenses and complying with the obligations that arise from them.

Water Resource Management

Tinguiririca Energía consistently reports water consumption for the generation of its plants and non-consumptive use, through the development of water projection models. The objectives of this management are to mitigate the impact of drought on the lands of the Tinguiririca River basin and to control the water volume for proper water distribution with greater planning, stability, and confidence.

Biodiversity Protection


Our various environmental commitments have proven to be a valuable opportunity to generate knowledge about the flora and fauna of the territory where our power plants are located.

As part of their performance indicators, they involve the protection of biodiversity and reforestation of the area of influence where their plants operate. In addition, periodic environmental monitoring is conducted with semi-annual checks on aquatic flora and fauna, as well as terrestrial fauna in revegetated sites of temporary areas used in the construction stage, such as landfills, camps, and work facilities.

Waste Management

As part of waste management commitments, Tinguiririca Energía has a plan for managing liquid waste associated with the use of sanitary facilities, which is rigorously and continuously monitored by regulations. Similarly, initiatives for the management of hazardous and domestic waste are developed, along with a recycling plan in their power plants and offices in San Fernando, and reporting of organic, hazardous, and non-hazardous industrial domestic waste.


Sustainability Reports